Case Study: Devine Cellars

The Situation

Devine Cellars is a privately-owned, independent liquor retailer with stores in Inglewood and Noranda. They also run an e-commerce website, selling an extensive range of wine, champagne, spirits and international beers Australia-wide.

Before being introduced to Dimension Digital, Devine Cellars had previously been running traditional advertising campaigns on radio and in local newspapers with some success, but were finding the returns were not as good as they used to be.

What We Did

Our main objective for Devine Cellars was to initially generate more online sales from within Perth via their e-commerce website along with growing their walk-in client base in Inglewood and Noranda. 

Owner Dominic had never utilised Facebook or Google Ads previously so we suggested that we should start running our campaigns with a reduced budget to allow us to illustrate a good return on investment whist reducing the risk.

The team at Dimension Digital built comprehensive ad campaigns, focusing on key products that Domenic wanted to promote to his consumers online. We also built additional campaigns targeting a focused area around both retail stores to promote the retail stores to motivate walk in traffic.

Facebook Creatives

The Results

After 4 years working with Dimension Digital, Devine Cellars are now advertising to a national audience growing sales by over 1200% online.

In a competitive industry where many of his smaller competitors have struggled to stay in business, by using Facebook and Google Ads, Devine Cellars have also increased walk-in traffic considerably.

The use of an online advertising strategy has introduced their business to many new consumers during this time, and they are also receiving many more phone enquiries about their products.

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