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We know how difficult it can be to choose the right advertising agency when there are so many options.

It’s impossible to keep count of the numerous ‘quirky’ agencies and marketing ‘gurus’ out there all regurgitating the same old one liners and claiming to be better than everybody else… if only you would just trust them and sign here please.

We’re not going to waste your time with cringey cliches or clever sales patter. We’re honest, straight to the point and we don’t mess around… We know what we’re good at and we just get it done. Full stop.

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Our Values


Clear and constant communication is the heart that beats within Dimension Digital. Everybody knows that clients are the lifeblood of any business and if that heart stops beating there could be some worrying times ahead. Our internal processes and business structure nurture a culture of healthy and active communication between our colleagues, you and your clients alike. We hope you like making new friends because you might be about to make a few more.


Our core aim at Dimension Digital is to create captivating advertising campaigns that amaze and excite our audiences. We are driven by a solid work ethic and a commitment to exceptional quality. Our knowledge and experience will elevate your brand above the competition and connect you with the right customers in an engaging and memorable way.


As our world seems to spin faster each day, anyone who stands still for long enough is sure to get left behind. Dimension Digital is built on a culture of change. Our business is constantly evolving and adapting to quickly changing market conditions. Our agile approach to advertising and our business organisation means we will keep you ahead of the curve and your competitors in your dust.

Our People

Andy Gibson

Managing Director

Paul Humann

Advertising Director

Alex Smith

Sales Director

Maddison Peake

Customer Services Manager

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