Google and YouTube ads: Are They Worth It?

In a short answer: yes, if you do it right!

By marketing your ads correctly with a well-thought strategy in place, you can really grow your business and achieve some great financial results using Google and YouTube.

We’ll look at how Google and YouTube ads work and show you why they work. You’ll see that investing your time and energy into developing a solid advertising campaign on these platforms is completely worth it.

How do Google ads work?

Google Ads is the advertising program run by Google, where you can create ads online to reach targeted audiences who are interested in specifically what you offer.

The platform runs on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, meaning you’ll need to pay Google every time somebody clicks on your ad.

If you Google a product or a service, the search results that reach #1 will very likely own be running their own Google Ads campaign – so it’s worth getting on board.

At Dimension Digital, we can help clients unlock the potential of Google Ads by running targeted campaigns, aiming to transform that click into a paying customer.

How do YouTube ads work?

YouTube advertising is a bit different to Google Ads – you pay YouTube for a view only if a user watching a video passes the 30-second point or watches the whole video.

YouTube offers a variety of ads such as:

  • Non-Skippable video ads – these ads can go up to 30 seconds, and the YouTube user can’t skip them. Every time your ad shows up on a video, you’ll pay for it.
  • TrueView skippable video ads – a user can skip these ads after 5 seconds, but you’ll have to pay if the viewer watches 30 seconds of your video.
  • Display ads – these ads appear to the right-hand side of the video. They won’t run on the homepage but may appear across all areas of YouTube.

YouTube offer many more kinds of ads, and we’re happy to walk you through each of their options.

Benefits of advertising on Google and YouTube

Below, we’ll consider some of the excellent benefits of Google and YouTube ads.

  1. Huge reach

Both Google and YouTube have a massive reach of potential customers.

Everybody who wants to know something, Googles it. There are over 5 billion searches every day on Google (so, over 2 trillion searches a year).

A lot of those people are looking for help – solutions to problems, whether they be professional or personal. That’s when your business comes in and offers its product or service for sale.

Similarly, YouTube has over 30 million visitors every day. Some videos can get hundreds of thousands and even millions of views, indicating the potential to reach an extraordinary amount of people.

  1. Targeting

YouTube and Google have a range of targeting options you can use to make sure that those people who see your ads, are the ones most likely to buy something.

On Google, you can “bid” for different keywords – broad ones like “video games” to specific ones like “video games about pirates”.

Specific keywords are cheaper than broad ones, and they’re worth it if you capture the attention of those who are specifically looking for video games about pirates.

Moving to YouTube, you can target users based on their demographics,  via similar audience targeting, and even “affinity audience” targeting – i.e. users who have a strong interests in topics related to what you’re selling.

  1. Cost-effective

Both platforms provide for highly cost-effective ways of advertising.

Paying-per-click on Google is highly effective because you only pay when somebody clicks on your ad.

Similarly, you’ll only have to pay on YouTube per video view – whether it’s the complete video or 30 seconds.

  1. Easy to track

The progress and success of your campaigns on Google are very easy to track.

Through Google Ads you’ll see everything from clicks and keyword tracking to your budget and so on. You’ll even be able to study your visitors’’ behaviour, such as what they clicked, where they went on your page, and how long they’re spending on each of your pages.

  1. Quick results

Ads on YouTube and Google offer super quick results – you won’t have to wait years before you start seeing the results you want – i.e. your website appearing on the first page of a Google search.

Using Google Ads, you can focus on multiple keywords at any one time – and ads will appear at the top of the search page: instant visibility.

YouTube Ads also means faster results: by getting your ads in front of more people, you’ll more likely to get more clicks, traffic and sales.


The benefits of advertising on Google and YouTube are vast, and it’s completely worth it if you execute the right strategy.

If you want your business to stand out from the crowd (and it’s a big crowd), our experienced and accountable team can help you build your brand online – delivering the results you need to grow a successful business.

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Google and YouTube ads: Are They Worth It?

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