Google Ads

Get Some Consistency

It’s tough out there. Competition is high, your customers are well informed and they’re not afraid to shop around to get the best deal possible.

We understand how stressful it can be when you’re sending out quotes but not winning enough business.

Balancing your workload can be tough work. One minute you have more work than you can handle, the next your diary is empty and you’re worrying about cash flow.

See What Google Ads Can Do For Your Business

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Whether you’re looking for slow and steady or explosive business growth, our Google Ads service will provide you with much needed consistency in an uncertain market, delivering you a steady flow of new customers all year round.

We create highly tuned, laser focused advertising campaigns delivered to a highly engaged, in-market audience through the Google Ads & YouTube platforms. In short, we generate high quality, qualified leads for you when you need them most.​

Unlock The Power Of Google Ads

  • Be seen when it matters
  • Quality leads from engaged audiences
  • Achieve consistent results
  • Generate leads quickly & at scale
  • Adapt quickly to market conditions
  • Level the playing field

Google Shopping

For retailers, Google Shopping really can deliver a much needed boost to your online sales by delivering ‘in market’ customers straight to your checkout with their credit card in hand.

Rather than trusting that potential clients will first find your website and then search your store to find what they are looking for, Google Shopping allows you to place your products directly on to the Google results page. With the ability to target specific audiences, you can easily put your product in front of those customers who are most likely to click that ‘buy now’ button.

Did You Know?

Many of our competitors will tie you into a long term contract of up to 24 months.

All of our agreements are month to month so if you decide to move on all you need to do is give us 30 days notice. Talk about risk free right?

Generate Leads At Scale

In the last 12 months alone, our Google Ads campaigns have generated over 70,600 phone calls and email enquiries for local Perth businesses just like yours.

Custom Built Landing Pages

It is often said that it’s all about the journey but if the destination isn’t much cop then you’re just going to turn around and leave. The same can be said about your advertising campaigns and how you treat your prospective customers… or more precisely, where you send them once they click on your ads.

We create beautifully designed landing pages, with carefully considered messaging and content that is specifically designed to persuade your prospects and answer any potential objections they may have before taking the plunge to contact you.

Turning clicks into customers

By creating custom landing pages specifically tailored to your prospects and the emotions that have driven them to engage with your ad, we can leverage this knowledge to ensure we convert as many of them as possible into paying customers.

When you understand the psychology of why people act the way they do and what really drives their actions, it’s much easier to turn that click into your next customer.

Phones ring, emails ping and accountants sing. There’s no two ways about it, running a Google Ads campaign with Dimension Digital creates traction and lots of it.

With so much new activity happening in the business you’re going to need a way to keep track of it all.

Our Lead Tracker app logs every call and email that we generate for your business through your Google Ads campaign. There’s no guesswork involved, you can login at any time to see up to the minute stats. Every contact is present and accounted for.

If you’re all about the data, don’t worry we got you covered too – We send out an in-depth, meaningful report highlighting every interaction straight to your inbox each and every month to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Got your fingers in other pies? We can even add tracking for all of your other marketing efforts so we can show you just how much better Google Ads performs in comparison.

Google Premier Partners

Being awarded Google Premier Partner status is a bit like getting a Michelin Star. They don’t tell you it’s coming and you’ve gotta work damn hard to earn it. Premier partner status is reserved for agencies who Google considers to be the best of the best and it’s quite an exclusive club that we have been a member of for many years now.

Our advertising agency was built on our knowledge of Google Ads and our ability to create industry leading advertising campaigns for each and every one of our clients. When weighing up your options of who to choose to run your Google Ads campaign it’s worth taking a moment to think about playing the game of chess. Anyone can learn to play but it takes many years of sweat and toil to get anywhere near good at it. Now think about us as the grand masters of Google Ads and you’ll appreciate why we get the results we do.

Data-Driven Decisions

One thing we are all not short of is data but it is how we use our data here at Dimension Digital that elevates us well above our competition.

Yes, we do all the usual testing, analysis and campaign optimisation that you would expect from any agency worth their salt. That’s a given.

Drawing on our many years of knowledge and expertise in creating proven Google Ads strategies however, we have developed in-house custom built workflows and software automation that deliver consistently performing, competition smashing results time after time.

Our Google Ads Setup Process

Step 1

Every Google Ads campaign setup at Dimension Digital starts the same way. A meeting of minds, a nice long chat and an in-depth understanding of your business and your customers.

Our ability to understand your customers and why they choose to contact you rather than your competition, means we can develop a strategy to find more like minded people. With the right strategy, your ads will be shown to the right people at the right time to ensure we generate as much traction as possible.

Step 2

Once the gears are in motion, our team of copywriters and graphic designers get to work on creating your custom designed, dedicated landing page. 

As one of the most important cogs in your new lead generation machine, we give special attention to ensure we provide your customers with a dazzling experience of carefully curated content designed to extinguish any reservations and persuade them to take action.

Step 3

Accessing a zen-like state, our team of Google Ads specialists then become at one with the almighty algorithms to create a custom built, dynamic campaign of eye-catching, targeted ads that will funnel your target audience on to your dedicated landing page where they will most likely become your next happy customers.

Did You Know?

Many of our competitors don’t allow reductions in your advertising budget or will charge you a full management even when your campaign isn’t running.

At Dimension Digital you can change your advertising spend as often as you like or even put your account on hold at any time.


Once your campaign is up and running, that’s really only just the beginning. As your business requirements and your customers adapt and evolve to market conditions so does your Google Ads campaign.

Our Google Ads team audits and optimises every one of our client’s accounts on a daily basis ensuring they are running at their optimum level.

What’s more, humming away in the background, behind every click and every conversion our custom workflows and automation software help to manage your campaign at a micro level, dynamically adjusting bids on the fly giving your campaign a huge edge over your competitors.

Find out how we can elevate your brand and deliver you world-class results.